Improving business outcomes across the food industry

Both consumers and regulators are demanding more transparency around how food products are sourced, stored, handled and served. Insight’s Connected Food solution, powered by Connected Platform, supports better decision-making with data insights.

You’ll be able to gather information from diverse sources, monitor your operations on a single pane of glass and get advanced analytics — helping you modernize food operations.

  • Keep food storage within safe ranges
  • Monitor equipment performance
  • Automate compliance reporting

A new way to track food safety

Adopt a digital approach to food safety that reduces uncertainty. Our IoT platform provides critical information on food and storage conditions, so staff can focus on serving customers. Dashboards, reports and real-time alerts simplify:

Environmental monitoring

Temperature and humidity can be monitored from any location or transit point, ensuring food is stored in ideal conditions.

Maintaining equipment

Proactive replacement and maintenance is made possible when historical temperature sensor data can detect irregularities.

Compliance reporting

Temperature checks are automated and compiled in shareable reports that give a complete picture of how inventory is maintained.

Client success story:
Ignite Brewing

Ignite Brewing quickly pinpointed a faulty beverage cooler thanks to its IoT-enabled temperature monitoring system. It also launched thermal cameras supported by the Connected Platform.

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Explore the Connected Food roadmap.

Our technical experts are expanding Connected Food use cases beyond environmental and equipment monitoring to add track and trace capabilities. The result will be real-time visibility across every node of the food supply chain.

End-to-end food traceability

Workers in food storage view inventory and freshness information on tablet

Eliminate blind spots.

Knowledge gaps are costly. Business leaders and front-line workers alike will be able to anticipate demand, track products and manage recalls effectively.

Lettuce being grown in greenhouse

Reduce food waste.

Food loss hurts the environment and your bottom line. Enhanced customer behavior and supply chain visibility will optimize stock to reduce over- and under-ordering.

Farmer in field on tablet device

Increase food transparency.

Consumers want to understand the story behind their food. Earn trust by giving them in-depth information about how their food travelled from farm to fork.

The power of operational intelligence

Manage your entire organization with the combined strength of Microsoft® Azure®, intelligent edge computing and IoT sensors. Connected Food centralizes information to help staff respond to business needs and make informed decisions.

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Grocer views information about food safety on tablet while in front of products

Is your business prepared for new food safety requirements?

More than 20 million pounds of food was recalled in 2019 due to foodborne pathogens1, with recalls taking 57 days on average2. To modernize the recall process, the FDA Blueprint for the New Era of Smarter Food Safety calls for enhanced food traceability — the digital documentation of where food was grown, processed, stored and sold.

IoT sensor data and real-time analytics will play an important role in food safety compliance — helping businesses make informed decisions while giving consumers peace of mind.

Orchestrating innovation in the food services industry

We have the technical resources and industry experience to guide you through your transformation from end to end — ensuring you see the maximum value of your project.

Our experts leverage a proven and repeatable model
to drive success by:

  • Defining what success looks like by working with stakeholders.
  • Demonstrating business value through a proof-of-concept deployment.
  • Deploying and supporting a minimal viable product to start realizing ROI.
  • Scaling and improving across the organization while finding new opportunities.

The future of food

We’re changing how food operators deliver value to their employees, consumers and communities.

Smiling farmer harvests crops out in field at sunset

Sustainable communities are established by preventing millions of pounds of food waste.

Customers develop loyalty to brands that are transparent about their food sources.

Front-line workers are given the direction to serve business needs anytime, anywhere.

Decision-makers feel confident they have the insights to drive future business growth.

Harness data insights across your organization.

A holistic picture of your food-based operations will help streamline processes, improve food safety and earn customer loyalty. Leverage Connected Food to modernize your business with centralized information powered by IoT sensors.

We’ll help you:

  • Keep food storage within safe ranges
  • Monitor equipment performance
  • Automate compliance reporting

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