Benefit from integration.

Symantec gives you the flexibility, bandwidth and control you need to protect every area of your enterprise network, from users to devices to the cloud.


The proxy-based architecture can be delivered as a cloud service, an on-premise appliance or a hybrid.


The proactive solution helps you stop inbound and outbound threats and safeguard all network traffic.


Meet your security and compliance requirements and safely adopt cloud and mobile technologies.

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Stay safe in the public cloud.

CloudSOC Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) helps you navigate the public cloud with confidence. Leverage intelligence reports and machine learning to free IT resources. And automatically send policy updates and create fast diagnoses.

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Stop malicious content in its tracks.

A multilayered approach to content inspection, in addition to customizable sandboxing, helps you detect and stop threats from entering your organization. Symantec Content Analysis evaluates zero-day threats within a safe, central location. Suspicious files and URLs are then destroyed.

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Ensure safe web surfing.

Your mission-critical applications rely on the web and mobile devices to work. But securing them from complex threats is an ongoing challenge. Symantec Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Reverse Proxy provide zero-day protection and handle all web content and rich media types.

Choose how you want to govern your traffic based on a variety of parameters, such as location, clients, protocols and more. Use the solutions for public-facing web properties or for your internal web servers.

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Cloud-delivered network security

Symantec’s Web Security Service gives you a boost in security administration flexibility while delivering robust threat prevention. Access advanced capabilities such as secure web gateway, anti-virus scanning and sandboxing. These features help you consistently set security policies.

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Safeguard all users and devices.

Now there’s an easier way to enforce internet security and compliance policies, regardless of a user’s location or device. The Secure Web Gateway advanced cloud-delivered network service lets you cost-effectively automate security policies and centralize management.

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Optimize your network performance.

Unique technologies designed for WAN, cloud and internet environments can help you accelerate your network and improve the user experience.


Shape internet traffic to protect your critical application performance and match resources to business priorities.

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A single appliance can help you optimize your data, video, cloud and web apps in IPv4, IPv6 or mixed environments.

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The caching technology allows you to save bandwidth and improve the user experience with web, video and large files.

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A view into encrypted traffic

The SSL Visibility Appliance lets you see into encrypted traffic, including SSL and TLS encryption, to prevent threats. View your inspection capabilities for your existing security. And, Symantec Proxy decrypts your traffic and shares it with your anti-virus solution for analysis.

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