Monitor and manage your network.

SolarWinds® network management solutions from Insight combine expertise with a deep connection to the IT community — offering IT management products that are effective, accessible and easy to use.

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Eliminate complexity.

SolarWinds makes it easy to find, buy, deploy and maintain solutions, regardless of your organization’s size.

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Use community insights.

Interacting daily with a large global user community gives you real-time information to help all users solve complex issues.

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Leverage expertise.

SolarWinds was built by IT administrators and senior systems engineers who are experts in managing environments.

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Reduce network outages.

Quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network performance issues with the affordable, easy-to-use Network Performance Monitor. Accelerate identification of the root cause of issues by dragging and dropping performance metrics on a common timeline.

The Network Performance Monitor helps you:

  • View performance regardless of device location.
  • Automatically map devices and display metrics.
  • Calculate exhaustion dates based on usage.
  • Effectively manage your IT.

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Fix problems before they become incidents.

The SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor helps you resolve application issues 65% faster to minimize application downtime. Monitor 200+ applications across on-premise, hybrid and public cloud infrastructures from a single console.

Now, you can automatically discover your environment, eliminate false positives with baselines and modify built-in scripts for custom monitoring. Resolve your issues before they even begin.

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Performance monitoring, analysis and tuning

The Database Performance Analyzer is the fastest way to identify and resolve database performance problems by monitoring from a single installation. Quickly find and resolve the root cause of a slow database.

With the Database Performance Analyzer, you can:

  • Monitor every active session.
  • Correlate data to pinpoint problems.
  • Tune with built-in advice.
  • Manage from a single installation.

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