A fully connected experience

Equipping associates with powerful mobile devices solves attraction and retention problems, which in turn impacts many additional challenges facing retailers today.

The person paying thru scan payment

Streamlined work

Attract, onboard and retain associates by addressing common friction points in the associate journey.

Person holding a smartphone

Protected data

Give every associate an enterprise-grade mobile device that secures corporate data outside the store.

Person scanning using the smartphone

Better outcomes

Manage devices, and the network they thrive on, with the right tools for business optimization.

The path to success

According to IDC research,1 organizations with the most mature Employee Experience (EX) programs have employees who are invested in better business outcomes, thereby providing better Customer Experience (CX).

From just their Samsung device, retail associates can:

  • Clock in
  • Schedule shifts
  • Request time off
  • Connect to associates
  • Manage tasks
  • Find merchandise
  • Check inventory
  • Take training
  • Troubleshoot

Meet the retail portfolio:

Empower and engage your employees.

Samsung mobile solutions can enhance every aspect of your retail business. Talk with an Insight expert to learn more.

Hear from our team

1 Hand, L. (June 2022). Workplace Transformation in Retail: Adapting to the New Reality. IDC.